How long?

Howdy all…

Sheesh, I’ve been gone so long that the board has been reset, my old account is history, and MidnightToker has become MrSoul.

What else did I miss?

Anyways… I just upgraded to v4.0 and was wondering how long it usually takes to get the reg codes via email.


Welcome back! I was thinking about you the other day. (I still have your CD in the car where it gets played occasionally.)

I got my codes within a few hours. Some folks have waited for days. I’m not sure what the holdup might be. it should happen automatically, but there were so many folks having problems with the ones they were getting (n-Tracks refusing them because they are on the pirated code list) maybe the codes need Flavio’s ok before they go out.

Been waiting long for them?

Some of us gave Mike so much heck for his many different names he kept trying different one until there was one we liked. :) Well, that’s partly true. We did give him heck and still do about a lot of things. I like his new name. (really)


As I live and breathe! Long time no see! Welcome back! Must be some kind of cosmic thing going on… I was talking to a friend the other night about n-Track and Fruity Loops. I loaned him my copy of your CD. He was down right impressed! (as he should be) Good to see you back around.

My upgrade codes came within hours of placing the order. Hang tight. You know Flavio won’t let you down.


Hey guys!
I got my reg codes last night via email, and here I sit at work unable to use them until I get home. (where’s my pity party?)

Yep, I guess it’s been a few months… I’ve been busy working full time, DJ’ing on the weekends, and going to school two nights a week.

Things are a changing though… The place I was DJ’ing at got a new manager that brought his buddies in to replace me(goodbye $$). Oh well. I just got that news last night. 45 minutes later at the open mic session where I was hanging out, I offered my services as a bass player to some cool guys that are putting together a band. It’s gonna be a classic rock, folksy sort of thing (Eagles, etc…). The cool thing is that even though I just hit the big 40 last week, I’ll still be the youngest in the group. Nothing like seasoned musicians, I tell ya!