rego weirdness

my name ain’t lo!

I had to reinstall because since i just got Groove drummer
I mucked everything up alot!

I did a clean install and registration this afternoon
and, like I’ve noticed before…initially after entering my details and codes my name is displayed correctly in the about box,
however, after a while, rebooting and having a rest, I look again and in the about box it says, "registered to lo."

I’ve seen this before since I’ve been registered. I have no idea what it means because I’ve only ever had the demo, and then I registered.

any ideas?

I’ve seen that “lo” too. I wouldn’t worry about it if everything’s still working as required.

Hmm…what about that. I am “lo” too. Never paid any attention to that til now…strange…


Normally, it’s not necessary to reregister after reinstalling. I’ve reinstalled a gazillion times, and only once or twice had any issues. This was all V3; maybe things are different with V4.

One of the reasons I’ve reinstalled so much is if I see a problem crop up, I reinstall previous versions to see whether the problem appears with a particular version. This kind of info can sometimes be real helpful in finding the bug. Other times, it makes it so I can finish a project in spite of a bug.