Resize and/or lockup when changing tempo

Anyone else get this?

I emailed Flavio re this, but he wasn’t able to reproduce it. Before I revert to defaults, I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed it:

Changing tempo causes timeline resize; locks up under specific conditions:

Launch n-Track.
Import a .wav file to the timeline.
Turn off View All Song.
Change tempo from 120 (default) to 165.
Click anywhere in timeline.
Timeline view switches to encompass many hours (over 3000 hours in my case when importing a <12 second .wav). The timeline/axes can be resized by dragging the scrollbar handle.

If I do the above without importing a .wav file, (i.e., turn off view all, change tempo) the view shows about 5 hours and clicking anywhere in n-Track results in a lockup.

I’m using 5.01.2174

Hi Cap:
Interesting… Can you repeat this with regular attempts of use? Of course… you have to close n-track and re-open your desk… When you open n-Track are you right back where you left off? or… is n-Track at some other place other than where you left ?

I remember, back in the bata version/builds of v5 I had this issue of the disappearing wave files on the timeline… It somehow has to do with the “View-all-Song” icon/command of “view-all-song” I still have this issue on my set-up…

I don’t think any of you Bata guys back then could ever repeat this on your set-ups… I even posted “Print-screens” of the Timeline… showing the timeline playing the tracks with no .sng files… on the time-line…

For this issue not to bother me-and-my-set-up… I have to make sure that the “View-all-Song” icon is not hi-lighted… If I don’t check this, I still loose the wave files on the time-line…

I was sure that before v5 that the “View-all-song” icon used to automatically re-set or default to “Off” whenever changing views on the timeline…

However, I never got n-Track to “Lock-up” when the wave files disappeared from the time-line…

Do you think there is more to the “View-all-Song” icon/command ?? and… is the command somehow connected with our issues ?

Cap… have you spent any time trying to search for a “Work-Around” for the issue you have, with this??


I can repeat this on my system with my config settings. I haven’t yet tried reverting to default and checking what might be causing it as I reset my configurations one at a time to the way I like it. The closest I’ve come to a workaround is to make sure I’ve got at least one .wav in the timeline before changing tempo. At least then it won’t lock up, though I still have to manually resize the view. But I haven’t played with changing the order of changing tempo and toggling view all.

turning off ‘view all song does’ nothing except de-select that icon -

'Import a .wav file to the timeline ’ ?
you cannot alter the tempo of a wavefile using these controls, BPM (tempo) and Meter (i,e 4/4) are MIDI only features - you can only alter the BPM of a wave file by using the time stretch function - by altering these without a MIDI file in the timeline will present a problem to N as there is no MIDI FILE info to work on, N should report 'no MIDI file present and reset the tempo back to 120, but it doesnt - it looks like N is still waiting for an input which happens when you click your mouse - what info N uses is anybodys guess when you click the mouse, but whatever it is N sets the timeline axis readout to suit, hense 3000 hours -

Dr J

I’m not trying to alter the tempo of the .wav files, I’m just changing the tempo of the song from the default 120 to [whatever]. I have no midi files and am not stretching any wavs so this really just changes the spacing of the grid - at least that’s all I’m trying to do and it’s what n-Track has been doing for the past 5 years since ver 2.5. Note that when I click the timeline to leave the tempo field I am not any where near 3000 hours (which isn’t even visible on my timeline) - it’s usually around 5 seconds, so it’s not snapping to my mouse position.

The view all song button is a toggle. While it’s on, your song will always fill the entire timeline. E.g., if you have only one track in the song it takes up the entire screen; If you have three tracks and delete one, the view snaps to where your two remaining tracks fill the entire timeline.

Again, Flavio was unable to reproduce this behavior and suspects it’s some peculiatiry of my configuration settings.