Retreiving my N-Track Data

Hi Flavio,

A couple of weeks ago I had to temporarily delete the N-Track app from my IPad. Before deleting, a msg was read that when I downloaded the app again all of my data would be restored. I’ve re-downloaded the app. How can I retrieve my data and projects?

This is the prompt that I get when I delete n-Track:


Currently n-Track doesn’t store any data on iCloud so unfortunately I don’t believe you can restore your data and projects, unless you have a backup of your device (to iCloud or to iTunes) that you can restore.


That’s a bummer. I don’t understand why N-Track wouldn’t back up to iCloud since it’s an IOS App. Anyway, i reinstalled the app, but why is it asking me to subscribe?? I paid $29 for a year subscription already. Please let me know why this is happening. Thanks.

iCloud is meant to be used as an alternative more than a backup for app storage. If you have set your device to be backed up to iCloud, then n-Track files will be backed up to iCloud too. As for putting the app data files always on iCloud, that would probably have performance implications and not all users would like to have n-Track use iCloud space. That said we’ll consider this for future updates.

As for the subscription issue, you may need to use the ‘Restore subscriptions’ entry in the Settings box, or in the box that appears asking whether to use the free or paid edition, to have the app restore the current subscription after reinstalling. If you continue having problems with the subscription please contact us at so that we can check if there are issues with your account.


Thanks for the reply Flavio. I don’t believe there is any problem with my account because i subscribed to the $29/yr for the Suite edition. I don’t renew until next yr in May.

We cannot check the status of your account from the forum. If you’re still having account, subscription or activation issues please contact us at