Reverb Help

Reverb Help

How do I get reverb, or echo on n-Track? I have been trying to do everything I can, but have been unable to get reverb to work. After going onto the website it says something about a $49 registration fee to unlock all the features. Is this what I need to do in order to get the reverb to work so as to use “large hall” or “metal tank” to work. Can anyone help with any instructions? Thanks for any help!

IIRC you can add effects to only the first track in an unregistered version on N-track, but I think you still get the plugins (effects) to play with.

Effects can be added to the track or to an “Aux send”. The first is the easiest so here’s a quick overview… (remember this only works on the first track in your song if you’re unregistered)…

1. Add/Record a track

2. Pull up the mixer (F3)

3. Right click the black box beneath the slider for track 1. IT should say “No Efx” in green. (You can also left click which amounts to the same thing but goes a slightly different route)

4. select Add Effects–>Directx–>N-track Reverb

5. Voila! You have added you effect. Play with the settings to taste.

6. To get back to the effect settings when you have closed them, double-click the effect name in the black box that you clicked to add the effect.

7. Have a look at the manual to figure out the different types of adding effects, and the different types (Vst, directx).

This should at least get you going.



There are tons of free VST verbs out there but I dont know if they will work beyond what is described above.

One of my favourites at the moment is Glaceverb

Then there’s the Freeverb trio, and of course SIR.