Reverse plugin

Hey everyone

Does anyone know of a reverse playback vst?

I’m trying to incorporate the reverse reverberated haunting thing.


Well, you have it in N-track. Just higlight a section of a wav-file and reverse the #### thing.

(Or make a copy of the section and turn that around).

Also the new tempo delay plugin that comes with n-Track v4.0.2 has option for reversed delay.

Quote (varakeef @ Jan. 17 2005,02:27)
...higlight a section of a wav-file and reverse the #### thing...

... by choosing:

edit -> special -> reverse playback

A reverse plugin isn’t quite possible.

To reverse audio, you need to specify where to start and where to stop reversing. A plugin wouldn’t get that information anywhere.

Also, you can’t reverse in real-time. Plugins work in real time – they process the samples as they come in, and emit the results as they go. They often involve a latency, meaning that they have to get N samples in before the first sample comes out. But this latency is fixed (for a given setup on the plugin). So, once N samples have gone by, each time a new sample comes in, a result “modified sample” goes out. A lot like a hardware device.

To reverse the audio, you need to plan what to reverse and where, and do it using editing tools, not using a plugin.