Review in Electronic Musician

Did you see n-Track in print?

Anyone else notice the review of low cost sequencers (including n-Track) in last month’s Electronic Musician?

Way to go Flavio! You rocked in the pack!!!


Yeah, saw it, and I think the article was mentioned here.

Nice comments the reviewer had. And he mentioned the forum, too, as a valuable resource. :cool:


Well done Flavio!

I noticed a while back that NTrack was being bundled with a sound card as well, and the review I read was very positive about NTrack. I think it was in Computer Music about 15months ago…



Duncan, do you remember which sound card?

I have always wondered how come more soundcard manufacturers don’t use nTS as a bundled software. For many of the cards, it would be a perfect companion.

(Of course, it might be that Flavio don’t want to go for the bundle deals, or there might be other complications.)

Perhaps Duncan was thinking of - were they bundling it? I can’t remember…

That might be it. I’d have to go through all my old CMs.

I looked up and they are glowing about ntrack, but I see no reference to it being with a soundcard. I’ve recently moved house, so can’t easily get to my library of stuff…

Maybe Flavio can tell us which one it was…


I might have been misremembering! :)