Rewire: ableton Live

My ableton Live doesn’t show up on the track, rewire device menu . I have the stripped down version that I got with my M-audio interface…Reason shows up and it’s the same deal I got it with my m- audio interface. Any Ideas ?


Cruiser ???

I got the same program with my M-Audio interface and I can’t seem to do a thing with it. The reason adapted program that came with it works great though.

I can make the program do it’s thing and it’s fun to work with but it doesn’t seem to work as a rewire in ntrack.


Live Delta does not support ReWire. I have seen this stated a number of places but found this tonight.

"M-Audio ( is bundling Live Delta with its Delta-series digital audio cards. Live Delta is Ableton’s entry-level version of its Live loop-sequencing program. You can upgrade Live Delta to the full version of Live 2 to gain Live’s more advanced features, such as MIDI sync and ReWire support"

I had trouble getting the software to do anything until I checked out some of the tutorials that are linked from the web site. I recommend that anyone starting out with Live software check those out.


AHA! thanks trackgrrrl