Hey, gang-

anyone with some rewire experience? i’m trying it out for the first time w/ n-track, and it seems cool, but i think there is more it could do. anyone with info, tips, links to helpful websites, etc. – that would be much appreciated.

thx, all!


My own experience with Rewire and n-track ain’t a good one.

Yup, it works, mosty, more or less, sometimes.

But I’ve had much more success using the client as a VSTi, so if your client has a VSTi wrapper, it might be worth considering using that.


I am now experiencing a problem with rewire, as soon as i turn it on my system shuts down. I get an error message - stating that n-track caused a problem. I’m running Windows Xp Pro. Any suggestions?

The “Live” button has to be highligted when opening or closing a rewire slave.