RIP Brad Delp

Voice of Boston Gone…

Just heard the sad news that one of the greatest voices that we have ever had the priviledge of hearing has passed away at the age of 55. I’ll be playing Boston’s first album today, and raising a glass. RIP Brad…

rip meaning rock in paradise
the voodoo chile has just welcomed him to the band

Delp was integral to the group’s sound; and how many of us wore out the gooves on that first record?

Way to young, too. :(

Agreed Tom… My brother and I probably had to buy three or four copies of “Boston”. Delp was a voice to be reckoned with. A real talent gone too soon… Scholtz has always been a hero of mine. Between Scholtz’s vision and musical/engineering genius and Delp’s immense talent, Boston made a HUGE impact on the music scene.

R.I.P. Brad…


Agree with all the above.

I realised what a great talent he was when I tried to sing More Then a Feeling.

He was only 4 years older than me. Life is catching up on us!

RIP Brad.

Agreed. I read a tribute on a website that said "Tom Scholz may have been the brains of the band, but Brad Delp was the heart and soul of it."

It speaks loudly that the only Boston album he wasn’t involved with, Corporate America, is the worst selling of them all. The band’s official website has been taken down, replaced with a single black page with the words, “We’ve just lost the nicest guy in rock n roll.” Couldn’t have put it better.

There’s some nice tributes at Gonna Hitch A Ride
The words to that song seem pretty poignant at the moment:

Gonna hitch a ride
Head for the other side
Leave it all behind
Never change my mind
Gonna sail away
Sun lights another day
Freedom on my mind
Carry me away for the last time
Oh yeah

He’ll be missed much more than we’re likely to hear about…

Sorry, I meant Walk On, not Corporate America was the least selling…

So it’s been confirmed as suicide. What a waste. Cliche to say, but you can’t help thinking: "I closed my eyes and I slipped away…"

What a voice.

I didn’t see the suicide part of the report. I always wonder why, in these cases. :(

It wasn’t in the original report. Sounds like there may have been some long running issues with depression. Sometimes there is little anyone can do if the depressed individual is good at covering up. I can say for experience that some folks can fool everyone including the doctors treating them. It’s a very sad an devastating situation.