Rock and Roll Star…n01.mp3

??? how’s the EQing?

listened in headphones. eq’ing sounds good in that i can hear all the instruments distinctly. the vocals sound harsh or distorted. is that an effect? in some places the guitar solos sound a little too loud… any compression on that? what is that hiss effect during the middle solo? is that a crowd sound or something?

Something gets really distorted about halfway through the first guitar solo.
I opened your song in soundforge… the wav looks like a brick! Did you hard-limit like that on purpose? Go a bit easier on the compression/limiting when you master and give your mix some breathing room.

Thanks, very helpful responses. I fixed a bad vocal track -it was clipping due to too high a record level and probably too close to mic while singing -that fixed some distortion -plus an off -key note.
The guitar solo wave is a brick!!! LOL! actually, I DID do that with some intention —I post these things, and dont get much response because I tend to songs featuring harmonies - complex chords -jazzy stuff. Many of the Internet sites are young kids that only appreciate ripping guitar -so…heh heh …I ripped!
I’ll pull that level back in line too.
Next I need some real drums, or at least something more than constant looping.

It’s a cool song arrangement. I was wondering about the sound effect in your mix too. Is that supposed to be crowd noise??

yes, it’s a crowd cheering–you couple are the first to question that sound. Seems pretty recognizable to most others -it fits the idea of the song “rock and roll star” Gotta have the fans…you know… :D