Rode Microphones

Wow , I like them

HI Everyone :D

Not too long ago I purchased a Rode NT1A for my home studio and wow do I like it.

I was just curious to see if their were any other Rode fans on this forum.


Yeah I use an NT1 as my main mic.
Record pretty much all my acoustic guitar and vocals with it and am very happy with it.

Only have an SM58 to compare it with but sounds a lot nicer than the SM58 to me.

And made in Australia!!! Yeah baby!!!


I’ve got an NT1 as well, used the NTK, got a couple of peavy PVM480s as well. The nt3 is quite nice (but hot!). A friend has the nt5.

I don’t think Rode can put a foot wrong, myself.

I have a Røde NT1A mic which I like and use for anything but acoustic guitar. For that purpose I use an ADK C1 condenser mic (cardioid pattern) because it is easier to get good results in a not-acoustically-perfect environment. It has a nice laid-back presence to it that allows for closer miking - the Røde NT1A is quite unforgiving in its bass response if you mike a guitar up too closely with it.

Recently, I’ve bought a pair of Røde NT5 matched pair stereo condenser microphones. I can make absolutely perfect live recordings with those babies!

I used to be a “one-mic-fits-all-if-it’s-good-enough” type of guy, but eventually I’ve grown into having several different mikes for different purposes. A Shure SM58 dynamic, for instance, is great for vocal work! Thus I am sure that I haven’t bought my last mike yet. However, if I had to use only one single mike for anything I recorded it would probably still be the NT1A…

regards, Nils

I have the NT3, had it for a long time, very useful, but very high out put and needs a pad for nearly anything, a few months back like nils got the NT5 pair, it is wonderful, and about two weeks ago got a used NTK and it rocks.

I am totally sold on Rode. Unbelievable for the price. :D

I have an older NT1 also. That model has a bright top end, lots of sizzle. When I need darker, warmer tones I use my MXL V67. Those two are my workhorse large diaphragm condensors for basic “salt and pepper” tones, one light and one dark.

Since we are all beating the “Hail to Rode” drum… I gotta agree. The other guys should take a page out of the Rode book. Fantastic value. EXCELLENT performance. What else could you ask for? Er… well, besides Jessica Simpson and a Billion dollars…


I’d trade you Jessica Simpson for an old Neumann or two, just to hear for myself what they’re like :)

OK. Hands off my billion dollars though…


PS I suppose with a billion bucks, I could actually BUY some vintage Neumanns… AND/OR Jessica Simpson for that matter. To heck with the trade! How much you want for her?

I have no idea ! I figure she’s pretty useless for anything but looks, and a nice painting won’t nag that much…

Quote (teryeah @ Aug. 15 2005,17:09)
I have no idea ! I figure she's pretty useless for anything but looks, and a nice painting won't nag that much...

ROFL!! True... VERY true...


I envision a velvet painting. Wouldn’t be fitting any other way. :)

Thanks Guys,

Glad we have some rode fans :D