Rogue Amoeba

po &nbs

Rogue Amoeba has released updates for Audio Hijack Pro (v2.9.3) and Airfoil (v3.3.3). These updates bring Rogue Amoeba to full compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

Both updates feature a new version of Instant Hijack, version 2.2.1, for grabbing audio from already-running applications. Also included is a Snow Leopard-compatible version of SoundFlower, the extra needed for capturing all System Audio.
Changes in Audio Hijack Pro v2.9.3:
Audio Hijack Pro is now fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).
Audio Hijack Pro now uses Instant Hijack 2.2.1 to capture audio from already-running applications.
The Soundflower Extra, used to power System Audio capture, has been updated to version 1.5.1.
Software update check now sends the processor architecture to the server.

Are you using Mac now?

:cool: No I'm not 7, just wanted to see what y'all thought about Rogue Amoeba software.
Sounds like hacker material to me, on any kind of computer!
I believe they are saying it's now available for mac's.
And this is the version.