Routing a plugin to MIDI

I have a question concerning routing a vst plugin in n-Track. I’m using Windows 10, and n-Track Studio Suite (x64)

Here is my problem. I have several plugins that I can’t use because I can’t figure out how to route a vocal signal to a MIDI channel so I can sing and create harmonies by playing my keyboard. For example, Bleass Voices is one of these plugins that will allow me to create harmonies by playing the keyboard.

But I don’t know how to do the routing in n-track. I’m sure it’s very simple. Would someone kindly tell me how to route the plugin in n-Track?

I have an audio track with my voice sung into it. I assume that I should open a blank MIDI track, but then what do I do?

Thanks in advance for the help!!



you should add the plugin to the audio (e.g. vocals) track, then add a blank midi track that has as its output the plugin (audio plugins that accept midi input appear as available destinations for MIDI tracks). The plugin should now receive the input from the midi keyboard and process the audio in the vocal track accordingly (e.g. adding harmonies).
Let me know if this works for you.


Hi Flavio,

Sorry, I haven’t replied sooner. I didn’t get a notification. Also, I’ve been out of touch recovering from back surgery. I’ll be back at my DAW in a few days and I will try out your very clear instructions for routing a plugin to MIDI. As you asked, I will let you know the results. Thanks!