Routing MIDI between VSTs

Here’s the setup:
nTrack 6 on windows 7, a VSTi sequencer (reViSiT), a VSTi synth (Battery 3)

Is there any way to route the MIDI output from the VSTi sequencer to the VSTi synth? From all of my reading and tinkering, it seems like there isn’t, which is a big stumbling block for my current work. After using nTrack for over 10 years, I really don’t want to move to something else. =/

If there’s no way to do this completely internally, it’d be great to have a “MIDI Input” property on midi tracks so that nTrack could be told to route all MIDI from that device to its associated output device. =)

Don’t every one jump in at once… sheesh… :laugh:

I don’t use n any more ‘aradia’. I don’t remember if this is possible in n-Track. When you put reViSiT on a track, can you insert Battery AFTER it on the same track? That’s the way it works in Reaper… What about MIDI sends? Does n-Track have MIDI sends? reViSiT on one track with a MIDI send to another with Battery receiving. This is another method one can use in Reaper… not sure about n-Track though. If not, FEATURE REQUEST it.

Speak up n users… help a fellow out here…


I haven’t tried putting multiple VSTs on a single track, but it seems like that would only route the audio, not the MIDI (?), though I suppose it’s worth a try. I can set the MIDI output device and MIDI channel in revisit, and can set the MIDI input channel (but not device) in Battery (when it’s loaded as a VSTi).

So I’ve set revisit to output MIDI to the vst host (ntrack), on channel 2. Set battery to channel 2. There doesn’t seem to be any obvious way to assure that the MIDI data gets routed, though. Setting battery as a midi output on a blank track is straightforward, but… there’s no way to really force an “input” on said track. The “record from” property just pertains to recording. What’s really fun is that if midi devices are set to always on, midi echo is set to on or auto, and I’m in live mode, I select midi track #2 (with battery as the output), and press play, revisit sends the MIDI data, and battery plays the input. If I select midi track #2 (with absynth as the output), the revisit MIDI data gets routed to absynth instead. And I get my drum track rendered as a weird synth. Which doesn’t sound good. =)

My next thought was to use a midi loopback device, which revisit supports, but it looks like battery can’t be configured to listen for incoming MIDI on anything other than the vst host, so that idea went nowhere. I may try importing the battery kit I’m using into Kontakt, which IIRC will let me select a midi input channel from ANY midi device, which would let me use a midi loopback to directly connect revisit to kontakt. But… gah… that seems like a pain. And I lose the functionality of actually using battery directly. sigh

The problem seems to be in how nTrack echos MIDI output --> input. Beyond that single global setting, there doesn’t seem to be any way to configure MIDI routing between VSTs. Looks like a feature request is the best option. And find a stop-gap until it gets added.

Yep. Sounds (no pun intended) like you need MIDI ‘Sends’ and ‘Receives’ per track.


Aradia. My setup is a bit mangled at the mo’ but I failed to reproduce a simillar routing in n.

Tony, could you be more specific? What were you trying to reproduce?