Sampler - N-Bridge overriding MIDI instruments

Hello happy N-track community, I’m Adrian from
I’ve been using N-Track for years and have created the whole Syncromental catalog here.
Alas I think I have broken my N-Track and I’m looking for help or advice to put it right if anyone can help please.
To start with, I had created a drum track and bass track using general MIDI sounds and step sequencer. The MIDI sounds are easy to locate and there are plenty to choose from but I couldn’t find an acoustic guitar sound which was anything like real.
There’s a great sounding acoustic guitar plugin from Ample and after installing it I located it through the instrument selection (at the top) when choosing Add New Track. It shows as N-Bridge in the instrument panel on the left. I created the music in the step sequencer and it all sounded great. I mixed it down and saved it.
The next day all the MIDI channels show as Sampler-N-Bridge instead of the selected MIDI instruments and are no longer audible, to make this worse I cannot change them back to a standard MIDI instrument, instead the Sampler shows up.
I’m concerned about this as I have over 100 projects using the standard MIDI instruments (future Syncromental releases) and out of the few I have looked at, the Sampler seems to have replaced the MIDI instrument selection panel. I dare not even look at any of the others.
Sorry it’s a bit long-winded, I’m trying to be as clear as I can.
Can anyone help please?
P.S. I also installed the latest version 3735

Hello Adrian,

could you please send the .sng file to so that I can try to better investigate the problem?


I might be able to help.
Send me a saved song with this problem.
I think I know what went wrong.