Sandy Berger story

Right wing is still trying to spin it

Try as they will, the right-wing media & conspiracy is trying to make the Sandy Berger incidence something of the level of the Kennedy conspiracy. Here’s an example:

"His previous excuses, both before and after his exit as John Kerry’s top national security advisor, were, he now admits, bald lies.

Actually, he had purposefully purloined those troublesome drafts, with their damning handwritten commentary from himself and possibly both Clintons, Al Gore, Jamie Gorelick, Louis Freeh, John Deutsch, Janet Reno et al.

And rather than “inadvertently misplacing” the mark-ups, he’d meticulously cut them to small pieces with scissors in his office late at night."

But here are the facts. Berger destroyed COPIES, I repeat COPIES of the originals which all remain safe and sound in the National Archive. Some conspiracy huh?

Geez… Take a break, man.