Sata, Raid, Dual Core and more!

Use Raid W/Sata, what about dual core

I am upgrading from a pentium 3 666 mhz. I am buying a p4 3ghz with the pentium dual core 64 bit chip. This should be enough horsepower; one question is will the dual core work well with ntrack and multitrack recording? Also I am getting two 250 gb Sata hard drives. I will use a controller pci card for the sata hd’s, but should I use a raid card and configuration instead? And if I use raid should it be 0 or 1?
I mean, I just want to record demo songs and usually the songs would consist of between 10 to 20 tracks (I know, alot of tracks for demos). I will be running 1 gig of ram and soon after 2 gigs. Also should the operating system be on one hd and the ntrack program with all my wav and data files be on another or should I have op sys and ntrack on same master hd and wav and data files on the other hd, or does and master and slave hd thing even matter when running two Sata drives off one controller card?