"save as" creates new directory and files

I used to create different mix versions of the same song by using “save as” and giving a new number to the name of the song. Now since the last update of n-track I did, doing this creates a new subdirectory and new files. I don’t understand the logic behind this and after a few versions, it’s a total mess and I don’t know which files are relevant. Is it possible to revert to how it worked previously ? I mean using saving as creates a new sng file and nothing more ?

I don’t think you are alone in viewing this change as a problem.

Please check out this thread
Basically if you save a .sng in the same folder as the existing .sng file, only the new .sng file will be created.
If you instead save into another folder, then n-Track will think that you are copying the song and will create a new song folder. So for creating backups or alternate versions of the .sng file the way to go is to save in the same folder.


It seems that if I freeze a track, it creates a new “audio” folder with the frozen track in it and a copy of all the tracks of the project :frowning: Then I don’t know which tracks are used by the project, the original ones or the ones it created in the audio folder…it’s really annoying…