Save plugin settings and stacks

I believe many would benefit from being able to save a group of plugins as a preset. Especially as a podcaster there’s a certain set of plugins I would like to just arm in one click onto vocal tracks and then the Master Channel as well. If I can also have the ability to save presets within those plugins this was speed up the process immensely since I love editing my podcasts on Ntrack Studio on my surface pro x. If this does exist they don’t make it easy to find the function anywhere in the plug in area.

If you need an example of how this function would play out, you can see this function already available in Apple’s logic pro software. However I prefer to use Ntrack studio and that’s why I’m making the feature request.


saving instrument and effects chains is one of the new features in n-Track Studio 10.


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Oh! Good to know. I guess I didn’t see that in the release notes. Appreciate you taking the time to let me know. :slight_smile: