Screen resolution problem?

Hi all,

Thanks everyone for your replies and help figuring it out.
It seems, as Flavio has replied, that screen resolution is indeed the problem.
I guess I’ll have to decide between updating my monitor or removing unwanted icons and switching to 1280x1024 res.

Thanks again everyone.

I think this has actually been an issue since version 3 or 4, as I recall having to delete some icons on an old PC I was using back then. I agree with wynot’s “extra toolbar” suggestion, and also with TG McDubious that it should be addressed. For what it’s worth, REAPER and Tracktion excel in this area.

I’ll add the option of adding N toolbars to n-Toolb… I mean n-Track v6.0.3.


n-Toolb - was that attempted humor?

You’re still an awesome guy, Flavio.

Haha, n tracks and now n toolbars!
n-Toolb for the win!

(It would also be really cool if you could have a low-res menubar preset under the View menu [or whatever it is now], similar to the “Workspaces” in Photoshop/Illustrator.)

((…Of course, I don’t actually use n-Track anymore, so who am I to suggest features?!))

(((…Still, it seems like a good idea if it will improve accessibility, and make the option easier to turn on for those who need it.)))

I’d like to chime in on this thread.
I use n-Track in a dual-head setup; my second monitor is a 15" Elo touch LCD that only supports a maximum of 1024x768.
I love having the Transport toolbar on my touch monitor, along with my track and master mixers – a tap or drag on the screen with my finger and I’m stopping, starting, rewinding, and automating levels!
Problem is…
The transport toolbar is longer than 1024 pixels (the playback speed slider gets largely cut off), and there isn’t a Customize Toolbar option for that toolbar!

I’d love to remove the small time display, since I typically use the Big Time display, and that would allow all my desired tools to fit…

Anyone important have comments on the availability of customizing the transport toolbar?

Otherwise, n-Track totally rocks.


if I was important I’d comment.