scrolling intervals

how do I change…?

my computer crashed and downloaded the newer version 4 of n-track. looks a little different than previous version I had…wow built in compression/limiter/noise gate!.

Q: But how can I align tracks now? I have tried the same method as before - using the "+"ish looking icon to drag track over, but it seems to move in only specific 1/10 of a second intervals (vertical grid lines in “timeline” view) which is not enough sometimes to properly align.

Is there a technical term for this? If there is, there’s probably a button/icon in the toolbar that is used to change this.

You may have “Snap to Grid” enabled. It is a button that looks like a screen or grid. Shift-click it to see the options for using the grid.


Oh maaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!! once I read your little Neil Peart quote at the end of your reply I knew I was in good hands!!! RUSH RULES!!!

is this typically the default setting? does it always require turning off after it has been downloaded?

I can’t say if it is default or not. I have always installed newer versions over the old ones and chose to keep my preferences when prompted. I can’t remember back to my first install. Too much water under the bridge since then…


PS Yes. RUSH does indeed RULE!

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