Selection button grayed out in Normalize window

Hello - using Version 8 build 3409
Suddenly since yesterday I’m not able to block a portion of an audio track and check the volume using the normalization function because in the Edit/Normalize window the “selection” button is grayed out.
Not sure what I may have done.
Any suggestions?

thanks in advance

The ‘selection’ option is available when a selection exists (i.e. you have to drag on the part or time axis to create a selection before opening the Normalize box), AND the wave file sampling frequency matches the frequency of the project. If the frequencies are different (and the file is being resampled on the fly) you can only normalize the entire file. A workaround is to convert the file (with the File -> Convert .wav file -> Change sampling frequency) to the correct project sampling frequency and then work with the converted file.


I have been using 44100 and when I installed the latest build either the default or my fat fingers changed to 48000.

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