Setting volume for specific part of track

I have a 15 second portion of my wave file in which I want to reduce the volume slightly. I was hoping I could just highlight that portion and lower the volume with some menu command. Is there a way?

You have to use volume envelopes OR fader automation. The envelope button looks like a ramp on the toolbar. Check that out or record your fader movements while the song is playing. The automation write/read controls are sitting next to the play rate controls I thinkā€¦


FIRST go to prefs - check that allow automated volume/pan is ticked -

then open song or import wave file -

look at top icon bar for a black ramp - click on it - a green line will appear in the middle of track(s) -

(there is also a little downarrow at the side of ramp to choose other envelopes) -

click on green line a small dot will appear - click on dot and drag downwards - green line will alter shape as it follows mouse - centre line is 0db going below line will diminish volume going abve the centre line will increase volune but may lead to distortion as its very easy to overload your soundcard (so take care) -

click in as many places as you like and see what happens when you drag various dots around - THATS THE ONLY WAY TO LEARN -

now look at the right side of the transport toolbar - between the tempo and transpose displays there are two grey buttons (one dark and one light) click on the top one (dark on my screen) select ENABLE FADER AUTOMATION, button will turn GREEN -

make sure you have the TRACK METERS visible - press PLAY and faders on track meter will follow the line you drew with mouse - it is best to use the ZOOM icons to get a clear view of track use both zoom in and zoom downwards so track nearly fills the timeline -

if you right click on green line a large popup menu appears there are two NODE controls at the top you will need to use theres when you get in a mess or just hit undo a few times -

Dr J