Setup with EWS 88 MT

Hi all.

I’m new with nTrack since some days and that’s why my questions might be stupid, but I can’t get nTrack working with the 2 installed EWS 88 MT cards in my system.
Well, I think it’s my fault, but I’ve tried a lot of options, read all the docs from nTrack and EWS and I’m afraid I’m getting crazy if I goon doing this.

Has anybody experiences with 2 EWS 88 MT cards and nTrack, and can provide me some help?

thx in advance

Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. But this has been a wild week. Had to do sound setup (with background trax, etc) for a wedding.

I have one EWS 88 MT, but don’t have two. I do have the manual and drivers for it from Terretec (burried in their site). Exactly what problems are you having? What OS? Which drivers are you using (asio?). Although I don’t have 2 of them, I might be of some help.


Hi Paul,

thx for your reply.
OK, I will try to figure out some of my problems more detailed. First the technical things: OS ist W2K with latest SP, latest driver from Terratec, latest version of nTrack and using asio.
The 2 EWS 88 MT’s are connected to a MX8000 mixing console. The 2 breakout boxes are connected to the chanel 1 to 8 and 9 to 16.
When I press the record button in nTrack, for recording a stereo guitar signal, 16 tracks are generated. There are 4 (or 2 stereo) tracks showing some input at the VU-meters. 2 tracks from each sound card, I guess.
First question is: whay 4 tracks and not 2 tracks as send by the mixing console?
Second question: I will do a second record on different tracks, using other channels from the mixing consol. Now, by pressing the record button, another 16 tracks are generated (total 32 tracks in nTrack)

Meanwhile I downloaded the latest manual from nTrack in english (I’m german and that’s why I used the german version first, but I found it’s out of date) and tried to follow the quick reference in nTrack. But unfortunately it confused me more than I can stand…;o((


Hi Zymbol,

Sorry for the delay (once again). But I think I can help you with these problems.

First question. Why 4 tracks with signal and not 2. That probably means there is a routing issue in your MX8000 (I’m assuming you have a Behringer MX8000 - I have a Behringer MX2442). Using headphones, you can pinpoint exactly what you are sending from your mixer to the 2 EWS MT breakout boxes. Check your groups and/or aux. You probably are sending a signal to more than one output.

Second Question. Recording 16 tracks, not 2 tracks (or 4 tracks) that have the signal. You need to let nTrack know which tracks you want to record from or it will record from all of them. To do that, make sure you can see the Recording VU meters (defaults to the left and vertical). You should have 16 tracks in 8 pairs. Each pairs have 3 icons at the bottom (a green dot, a red dot and a hammer icon). Click on the red dot and choose whether to record from that track or not for both left and right channel or disable the pair. Do that for each pair. You probably will want to disable all pairs except the pair(s) that the signal is coming to. When you begin to record, nTrack will make only the tracks that you have selected. Does that make sense?

So in other words, for each recording, you will need to setup the tracks in nTrack to receive only what you want to send it from your mixer.

If you think of the signal you are generating - for instance from the guitar, maybe 2 tracks - a mic and a DI box. Follow that signal from your guitar to the mic (and DI box) to the specific channel in the mixer through any routing you setup (eg. aux 1) to the breakout box and finally into the input in nTrack. Make sure it is going where you want and only where you want.

Hope that helps. If not, keep asking questions. There are a lot of other users that have a lot more experience in studio type recording than myself. I have done a little bit, but most of the time it is live gigs.


Did that help Zymbol?