Shameless plug

Selling stuff on eBay

I have a few cymbals for sale if anyone wants to take a look see.

Here is a link.

They’re top quality pro cymbals, so take a gander if you are in need of such things.

Nothing wrong with plugs, especially for good gear!

I plugged my buddy’s (Arconti) guitar. It turns out it didn’t sell but I can assure everyone that it was a steal for his starting bid.

Yeah Mike that guitar was a bute,
If I was 1000 dollars richer and could play worth a dam, a defintly would have bought it! :p
Guess I’ll stick to my Ibanez for now, it suites my skill level and budget.
But should I ever sprout a lick of lead talent, or even a dusting of rythm capability your guy will be the first on my list (oh yeah, I would also have to be signed, and already have my bonus)
Oh and i’d buy the cymbals to for my kit, but that would be like puttin’ cheeze wiz on a dirty cracker! ???

keep shinin’ guys

jerm :cool:

I’ll have more goodies going up in the next few days… A guitar, some PA speakers… Here is a link to the guitar… Picture page