Shift MIDI Events

How to shift MIDI events to the right

I have recorded a MIDI track that goes along with some digital audio tracks. The first note of the track needs to start a little earlier and be a little longer. The starting earlier part can be easily accomplished by shifting the starting point of the track in relation to the audio tracks. The length of the note can be easily changed in the piano roll editing mode. HOWEVER, I can’t find a way to easily shift all of the remaining track events over to the right by a fraction. I have tried cutting and pasting the entire track, but it won’t paste back where it needs to…always starts no later than 1.00:000…even when I type in other values. Even if it did work (which I believe it should…and may be a program bug) it would be very fussy to get everything back in the right place. I also can’t drag the first note earlier in the track…as it won’t let me extend the beginning of the track backwards. Please help…I’m sure I’m overlooking something obvious :)

I just figured out that you can use [Edit] [Insert] to perform the needed task.
Interestingly, I was having a problem seeing that the [Edit] menu would work on the Piano Roll view on a different function ([Edit] [Selection] has no effect in the piano roll view), and therefore thought that it simply didn’t apply.
Hopefully my post may help someone else in the future.

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PS…you can also just slide the whole track over to the right.

Find the spot you want the first note to start, set the time line at that point, slide the track to the right until the first note is at that spot at the time line this will move ALL the events to the right (including pitch changes, volume/pans etc etc) instead of just the notes.

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Thank you for the additional idea. The problem is that if you need to lengthen the very first note of a track, you can’t stretch the note forward (because it would extend beyond the start of the track), and lengthening it at the end will just cause an overlap with the next note. Otherwise, this would work great. Thanks.

You can cut the begining of the midi track out by highlighting it and doing Edit>Cut.

This will give you enough space at the beginning of the track to slide the whole thing to the left.

I am understanding you correctly that that is what you want to do? (make the midi notes start sooner than they do)

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