Should Cool Edit 2000 and XP work OK?

seems to be very sluggish

Hi folks

I recently upgraded to XP pro and eveything seems pretty much OK, including N track. No, wait a minute thats not true, upgrading to XP has IMPROVED the way N works (v3.3) and a long standing prop/crackle problem has disappeared.

But back to the subject - Cool Edit 2000 is very sluggish in the way it responds to everything. Definitely not working as smoothly and as quickly as it was on the same system, running Win98SE. Example - it takes a while to open files, the level monitor doesn’t kick in until the file has been playing for a while, its slow to refresh screen after cut and paste etc. everything really.

Cool Edit temp file is located on my audio drive (plenty of space and fast, diff. drive to OS) and OS is stripped of any unecessary apps, bells and whistles.

Any ideas? Is CE2000 definitely XP compatible?


Oh, and I always close down N track before opening CE, so nothing else should be using the soundcard.

CD 2000 is the ‘lighter’ version of Cool Edit Pro (1 and 1.2) right ?

I seem to remember running Cooledit Pro (1.2) without any problems in XP. The symptoms you describe sounds like N-Track used to be for me on my old PC.


It should be the same inner workings between CE 2000 and CDPro.

It’s been a while since I used CEPro, but about 3 weeks ago I used CE96 to record some sermons at church, and the VU meters was spot on and everything was great.

Unless the internal ‘engine’ is way different from CE96 and CEPro to CE2000, my gut feel is that it should just work and you maybe have something funky (maybe try setting up different drivers if you can ?)

I’ve been wanting to get CEPro (1.2) up and running again, so if I remember I’ll report back on that.


It could slow down a little since it was was compiled using the compiler of the day (Win98 time period). It should run fine never the less. Simply recompiling the existing code using todays compilers could speed it up…that ain’t going to happen of course.

I used CE2K on Win98, Win2K, and then WinXp. It always did fine and was nice and responsive on all those OSes. I did a clean install of each one though. Maybe you should uninstall CE2K and do a clean install of it.

That said, I noticed a HUGE slowdown after upgrading for CE2K to Adobe Audition 1.0 (Adobe bought CE and released CE Pro as Audition 1.0, just about as-is - new name and splash screen was about the only difference). It was QUITE sluggish by comparison. A few fixes and then Audition 1.5 sped things up noticeably. The slowdown was in the way the UI was being handled as far as I could tell, but some actions such as applying effects was greatly sped up in 1.5.

I might be way off but…
You said you upgraded to XP. Do you mean you upgraded your computer? What I am getting at is…doesn’t XP tax your CPU a lot more than Win98. If you only upgraded your OS and not your PC, maybe the processing power you had before is now being used by XP which is leaving less for CE. Just thinkin’ out loud…



How much memory is in your system? XP requires more than 98 did and that could be a problem. My kids were trying to play Oblivion on our Athalon 64 and it was very slow and crash-prone. Increasing the memory from 512M to 1G did wonders for program responsiveness and eliminated most of the big problems. Of course that game will bring any computer to its knees but if you have insufficient memory, many other programs will also have to constantly store things to disk when they don’t fit in memory which will slow things down appreciably. When the operating system takes more, that leaves less for the programs. That said, if you have 512M that should be fine for most applications with XP. Anything less might cause performance reductions with some programs.

Things will get worse for Vista, current estimates are that you should have at least 2G of memory.


Just for the record CE 2000 works fine for me on XP. I used it with Win98 and when I upgraded the operating system there was no problem. I suspect another problem besides XP.


Cool Edit 2000 and XP do indeed form a fine pair. Got the LT version of Wavelab but it didn’t have half the facilities CE2k has.

However, CE2k seems to be a bit prejudicial about how the soundcard and OS are set up and behaves together. I have trouble recording live input into CE2k on my new DAW. It is possible to do, but very awkward to set up properly. For recordings, I now use n-Track exclusively…

I would start by checking out your XP setup - is your system honed down as recommended by the good people at MusicXP? These recommendations may be hard to understand at first, but are very easy to follow. Especially the “disk indexing” feature of XP is a ressource hog. Check also the settings of CE2k once again to ensure it isn’t overly taxing the hardware.

I hope it helps.

regards, Nils

sounds like the exact same thing i have been goin through these past coup-le days,went from a computer runnin 98 se,that machine hasa 533 pross and 312 ram,ran n track 3.3 fine,got another machine,installed xp pro on that,this machine has an 800 pross ,only 128 ram and it sure is slow,just pplain old slow runnin only xp without even openiong n i put 2 new ram strips in it at 256 each,but now the machine isnt booting,it reads the bios an such an then asks you how you want to start windows,in safe mode,blah blah blah etc,im ready to become a milkman or a monk.

Thanks for the suggestions

My system is 1.8G Athlon, 512Mb RAM, Soundcard is a Terratec DMX6 Fire. Remember - N-track is working BETTER tha before, playing back projects with lots of wavs etc more smoothly, so I can’t see how this is a performance issue. Yes, my audio OS is tweaked for music.

I’ll try re-installing.

EDIT- I just installed CE2k on another drive, same system, also XP Pro (basically put it on my non-daw OS) and it works fine! Hmmm…

More and more I am thinking computers are like women. You’re cruising along nice and smooth then suddenly you’re asking yourself, “What the heck?” “Whats goin’ on?” “What happened?” “What’d I do?” :D


:D :laugh: