Mocking the great and the good… :slight_smile:

Hey guys! Anyone here caught any of the “Shreds” mini clips? If not, check the links out below. Brilliantly dubbed video clips, with REAL crap guitar on top. The Eric Clapton one is pure genius!

And yet, they all STILL sound better than anything I can seem to lay down currently…

Steve Vai Shreds

Santana Shreds

Clapton Shreds

Slash Shreds

EVH Shreds


those are hilarious.

Painful! :agree:

The drum and keyboard fills in the Clapton one remind of a sketch show that used to be on here in the UK called the Fast Show. There used to be a skit called Jazz Club, and all the music was just like this… lol

I saw some of these videos not long ago by accident- didn’t realize what I was getting into.
Have you seen the Rush shreds?- which I believe you’d be able to appreciate (for lack of a better word). I find it particularly sacrilegious because it manages to knock three really great ones-needless to say it’s wicked funny.

Yea that stuffs pretty lame.
These guys are so good these fakes probably doesn’t bother them.

I say feature your strengths not your weaknesses.

Lol, yeah I did see the Rush one. It was YYZ I think. Pure genius!

These are a hoot to watch! :agree:

Pah, I can do stuff that sounds just like that without even trying! Lol.