Shuffle rhythms and n-track?

Does n-track handle 12/8 and shuffles?

Hello everyone, still looking to get into n-track, but now have decided to make sure I can program blues rhythms with MIDI and samples. Does n-track have the ability to do this, and will it let me move some beats off the grid so I can experiment with different shuffle timings? I have recently looked at FL and it does not seem to be able to handle shuffle rhythms. I looked at Anvil studio and it looks good, but I would like to just work with n-track, and not have to get other pacakges for the rhythm section. By the way, I’m looking to record blues guitar, and bass, over a programmed rhythm track. Thanks for opinions on this.

It handles 12/8 (and other weirder rhythms) just fine.

As a quick test, you can find a MIDI file on the web that is in the style in which you are interested and load it up into n-Track.

Yes. There’s a Swing function on the Grid that will make it EASY to do what you want.