Sight Reading/MIDI education software suggestions

I could kinda read a bit 1000 years ago.

Since you guys know everything :wink:

Any suggestions for software that would help me work on my reading skills? I know there are sites where you can click on a picture of a fretboard or keyboard but I am looking for something I can use with an actual MIDI instrument.

I have decided that I really want to work on both my reading and theory. I am (again) getting frustrated with being illiterate. A lot of my friends have had a very good musical education and they get more chances to work and play with other folks because of that background.

Gotta sleep…


You stole my question, TrackGrrrl! :D I keep forgetting to ask this here, so thanks. I know how to read music, took some music theory in college, la la la la, but I am a horrible sight-reader. I’ve heard there are books out there, but I have a bad habit of memorizing, so software which randomizes the material would be ideal…something like a typing program, but for a MIDI keyboard…

Anyway, a quick Google search brought up the Etude Sight Reader software, which seems pretty close to what I had envisioned as an ideal sight-reading tool for my purposes as a keyboard/piano player (MIDI interface, randomization, shows note and timing errors, etc.). Maybe giving the demo a whirl is worth a shot? Looks like 35 days of unlimited operation after which it costs $35 to register. I’m going to try it out tonight…

[EDIT: Hmmm…tried it out…not bad…I think I’m gonna like this program :) ]

Hope to hear more suggestions here!


We just think we know everything. :p

What exactly do you what to do - learn how to sight read, learn about MIDI, or learn music theory, or all of the above?

Mr Soul, I realize my subject line may have been a bit confusing. The two areas I am looking to work on are theory and sight reading. I find those much more confusing than MIDI, which seems fairly simple to me.

I was just hoping to find some software to help me learn that supports MIDI controllers and doesn’t force me to buy a particular piece of hardware.

Scantee, thanks for the link. I will give it a look.


I would suggest taking some classes in sight reading and music theory if you haven’t already. I took a year of theory in college (I forgotten most of it) but I do remember it was very helpful :laugh:

Let us know if you find some good software.