Skins download & Fonts buttons missing


I’m running N-Tracks 9.1.5 build 4807 (Just upgraded) on Windows 10 21H1

When I open the ‘Skins’ window it get the ‘Customize Colors’ windows, but there is no ‘Fonts’ button, and there is no ‘Download Skins’ button.

I really need larger fonts and would like more colorful skins.

Any idea why these buttons are missing and/or how I can set larger fonts and download preconfigured skins?


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Does anybody monitor this forum?

The forum is primarily for discussion about n-Track between users. If you need support you can use the support link in the menu at the top of the website.
Version 9 doesn’t currently have any downloadable skin. You can use any of the preinstalled skins or modify the colors of one. The fonts cannot currently be changed. If you need them to be bigger you can increase the Windows setting at Display → Scale and Layout → “Change the size of text, apps and other items”.



Thanks for the response. I may try setting up skins of my own - though I get confused about what each elements listed is. If I make any new skins that are useful, I’ll post them here for other users.

Unfortunately, I’ve tried changing the size of the text thru windows settings, but then the windows extend beyond the edge of my screen. Resizing doesn’t help.

There are a few other issues that I’ll submit as a support request. None are critical. I just upgraded o the latest version, so they may have been fixed already.

Thanks again!

It turns out the Flavio was correct, I increased the size of the fonts without drastically changing the size if the windows by going to display settings/scale and layout/advanced setting and setting it to 125, then I had to log out and back in. I had previously not gone to ‘advanced Setting’, but change it right in the Display settings page - that didn’t work. I don’t know why there’s a difference but there is.

Thanks Flavio!