change the look of N

does anybody know if you can change the look of ntrack like you can do in samplitude?
ntrack look like a toy not like strong tool in my opinion.

You can customize the background. It’s a bitmap files called “main_background” or something like that. There are no skinds for it, but wouldn’t it be pretty easy to do that? E.g., the compressor background is in there too…

What makes it look like a toy? ???

it just doesnt look professional. thats not a problem for me but if i have a client here it is always: cubase, logic … looks a lot better…
the backround is not the problem. i think its this windows 95 look.

this has been discussed quite a bit before. yeah, it’d be cool to be able to skin it. I agree, the interface is rather amateur looking, but it runs great :)

I must be old fashioned or something…I LIKE the way n-Track looks. Clean…and everything is within easy reach. My other DAW proggie has often used stuff buried in dialog boxes that sometimes takes a couple of clicks (or more) to get to 'em. I hate that.


I agree, I like the way it looks.

I only looks “unprofessional” because so many product designs focus on useless aspects of appearance. For example, most ethernet switches and routers used to be nice little rectangular boxes we could easily stack. But, no, we idiotic consumers prefer FAST looking boxes with CURVES and such. So, we now can’t stack most boxes – at best sometimes we can stack stuff from the same manufacturer. This is IDIOTIC! But we purchasers are the idiots – they wouldn’t design 'em this way if we didn’t prefer 'em this way.

I think n-track looks totally professional in that it puts what you need where you need it. I’m in favor of any improvements to the GUI that make it more intuitive, easier to read, easier to use, or that add useful features. I’m against adding useless “bezel” finishes and other stuff that just takes up space and usually does nothing but make the interface less efficient for the user.

It’s a COMPUTER PROGRAM, not a piece of hardware. Get over it!

(OK, sorrry – rant over. Skinnability would be nice. No doubt someone would come up with improvements. So far, though, the “improvements” I’ve seen posted here aren’t things I’d waste my time with.)

BTW, back in the good ole days, pro instruments weren’t made to look fancy to please the end customer of the professional service. They were designed to be useful to the pro user.

Too many customers are listening with their eyes rather than their ears!


Actually, it’s one of my complaints about tracktion - it looks cool but it made it hard to see what is what when I was learning it. there is a lot to be said for obvious graphics. :)

Tom, I agree about Tracktion. It’s a pretty neat program but very confusing and “cartoonish” looking. Also…(here’s the old fashioned guy again) there’s no mixer/console view! That was enough to make me lose Tracktion.

learjeff, I hear you bud! Pretty soon we’ll have to ditch our 19" racks and start buying those basketball carts to put our routers and switches in! Talk about an illogical waste of space…


Tom, I agree about Tracktion. It's a pretty neat program but very confusing and "cartoonish" looking

I tryed it today, i liked the gui very much (tastes difrrences maybe) and i figure how to work with it quickly. I believe that after the "skin" concept was introduced (winamp or who?) is like any "fashion". I remember i dont like the "curved" new style of the cars some years ago. Today i like them, or at least i have been custom them. Now XP Style looks cool, maybe in some year you will look it old, like win31, maybe. Or not, you know that Fashion Styles are cycling.(curved cars was not new, look a '50 car, the same for the clothes)

Just as long as those darn bell bottoms don’t wind up in my n-Track, I am perfectly satisfied with it’s looks. It’s all about the music, not the visual, besides, I can’t see all that well anyways, LOL!

i think you get me wrong. i don`t mind how it looks! the people comming to my studio say: that looks cheap or not like PT or whatever. it?s all abaout the first impression. so skins would really be nice!

Well, the idea of skins has come up here before. Aren’t graphic changes pretty easy to do? Perhaps Mr. Antonioli would give us permission to mess around a bit. ???

Just tell 'em it’s the sound that counts!

Tracktion is awful for me because I run dual-screen and it doesn’t allow resizing the main window – so lots of stuff winds up crossing the “crack”. Since my dual-screen is on 17" flat panel and a 15" laptop, it’s pretty hard to read stuff that spans the crack.

(Tracktion also couldn’t record anything for me – I got audio tracks that were 50% silence and 50% recorded audio interspersed. Plus, there was no “destination” list for MIDI tracks so I couldn’t assign a MIDI output or plugin to it. As a demo, it failed miserably for me!).

learjeff, your absolutely right!!
but for those people who are somehow “informed of” DAWs it`s better to show a little bit of…
so again: skins would be nice!