Snap to 0 Settings with grid

I do a lot of cutting and pasting (usually to make it easier to make a good take up that way than get a good take in 1 hit!)

However I always get clicks at the start of every bar where there’s a join. I generally do the edits by non-destructive splices with the grid set to 1 measure.

I noticed read the manual and found out Snap to 0 Setting should fix this, but although it tells me what the settings are I don’t really know what to set them to, to make it stop my clicks.

Does it work when cutting and pasting at measure points? If I change the Snap to 0 settings, do I need to re-edit the songs I’ve cut and pasted already, or will the setting fix those edits as well.

Any help greatly appreciated!!


You shouldn’t be getting pops at joins. Zoom in a bit and watch as you drag the joins together, when the two “handles” join into one “dot” you have the pieces correctly joined. If you are doing cuts, hightlight the area you are removing and hold down the Shift Key while you cut, The two parts move together perfectly.
When I do the typre of editing you are discribing, I leave the parts on seperate tracks and us the volume envelope to turn-down and turn-up the tracks and then mixdown the two into one track/file. When sound files are edited, the match point should be at the “center line” of the wave file - Zoom way in to see what I mean. If you join the two pieces at a point where the samples are too far apart, one wave is headed up and the other is headed down, you are going to leave a big jump which could produce a bit of noise.
I thiink the “Snap to 0” works with midi - not my strong suit. You can set a grid also bassed on the number of beats, but if you are not using midi, the ways I have discribe work well.

Snap to 0 doesn’t guarantee no pops between edits, but it is a way to make them happen less often, and is usually the first step to creating seamless edits. The only way to get rid of them is to change the edit points or do a crossfade.

Snap to zero just insures the edit points are at a place where the samples are 0 or near 0. Whether or not that means no pop is totally dependent of the sounds. Not only that, what looks like it should be fine, based on seeing the resulting wave in a wave editor, may sound like crap.

Start with snap to 0 on. If it pops move the edits to the previous or a later snap to 0 edit point. At some point there should be little pop, but unfortunately the exact edit point you want and where you started may be way away.

Another trick it to clone the track and go back and forth between the two. This is a really easy way to do crossfades. AND…not that the plug-in latency volume envelope bug is at long sat fixed (GREAT BIG YEAH…THANK YOU) doing this is even easier.

No-pop edits take practice and lots of experimenting. It’s a bit of a black art. :)


No-pop edits take practice and lots of experimenting.

Err... never mind... :p


Ahhh OK, I assumed Snap to 0 is on all the time, I didn’t realise you had to turn it on. OK i’m a muppet…I’ve found it now. I’ll experiment with it when I get home.

Just to check though, does turning it on affect all existing joins, or do I have to rejoin them to make it snap those joins?

Also, as I mentioned, if I have snap to grid on as well, does that break the snap to 0 function? As in, the 0 point might not be at the grid point…