So.. does anyone speak (and sing) french fluently?

I need french vocals!


So, I am currently writing a song in both english and french, but… I need someone else to sing the french. It’s not that I completely CAN’T do it, I just… you know… :whistle: want it to sound good :)

If anyone can sing well in French, please come colab with me! I think the song is really good, and you can feel free to modify the lyrics a bit to your liking if they don’t sing well for you.

Let me know!


4 years of french 15-20 years ago isn’t going to cut it for you, i don’t think. especially after studying russian and spanish thus forgetting most of the french.

oh, wait, you said SING. :heart-break: huh. well, i just wasted everybody’s time. sorry :)

I can sing the french bit in ‘Michelle’…

Hi Brian! Long time…

Depends whether you want it to sound like a French guy, or an English guy singing in French :) If it’s the latter, I can probably do a half decent job. Beefy Steve is quite fluent in French also.