So what's your best FREE bit of software

You know… really free (no torrents etc allowed :) )

Open Office

i have a soft spot for voxengo boogex which has saved a lot of my guitar parts when i just couldnt get the right tone & had to change the sound after recording them
but best of all is the atomic screensaver this is like giving your screen lsd weve had it for years & it still keeps us all entertaned no one has ever said its time for a new screensaver its diferent every day!

Open office.

Music software? SIR, I think.

Freeamp 3 is worth a grab… just to have some amp sim flavors in your kit.

Wavosaur is a good free editor… My last DAW machine, I installed Wavosaur, BIAB and Reaper. Didn’t bother with Audition.


I used to use Wavosaur but I have to say I hardly ever use an external editor nowadays.

Might have a look at a few of them amp sim thingyies. My DAW is aging a bit by modern standards (but still takes all I throw at it), but it’s hard to get the latency down enough to use Vsti “live”.

I tend to reach for my J-station if I want a “stock” sound, or actually mic up my guitar cab (gosh, shock, horror!) if I want a “real” sound.

Open Office. Yeah, it’s good (and excellent value) but I have a few copies of MS Office and that’s usually all I need.

Cheers guys, and have a good Christmas etc.


I’m so far behind the latest and fastest computers it’s even hard for me to admit it…
How can I expect to even install and operate the latest plugins and applications and sample software with any degree of stability ????
Really ????


Merry Christmas…
Save some Christmas Dinner for me…
:) I’ll be right over…

Quote: (woxnerw @ Dec. 25 2010, 1:43 AM)

I'm so far behind the latest and fastest computers it's even hard for me to admit it..
How can I expect to even install and operate the latest plugins and applications and sample software with any degree of stability ????
Really ????


Merry Christmas..
Save some Christmas Dinner for me..
I'll be right over..

Of course Bill. It's Christmas morning here now. Wife is on the phone to the UK so I thought I'd check in here while I get the chance. Sad? Perhaps.... :-)

Wavosaur IS pretty great. Crummy dither and SRC, but everything else rocks. For SRC, grab another great freebie: Voxengo r8brain.

I’d go with UJ…Freeamp is great!

Computer Music mag just had a special issue in which they collected their fav 99 freebies. Lots of interesting stuff. Not that you need to get the mag to get them.

try putting this before the ampsim

TS Secret


Quote: (dontcare @ Feb. 18 2011, 9:14 AM)

try putting this before the ampsim

TS Secret


Cool - thanks!

Here are some more free-bies Tom,

I don’t know if they were already posted here,


^^^this delay in particular nice for leads^^^

take a look around at the other stuff, haven’t tried them all yet.


Nice. Thanks! I feel a freebie binge coming on…

Hi! Long time i dont post over here, but i like to read the forum.
There is a lot of great free software. I found specially usefull the collection over , all the programs are free and portable, i mean you can carry them in a pendrive and use in any computer.
Other programs i like:
Cantabile Lite: nice vst host for live performance. Not a sequencer as n-Track.
MyDefrag: very nice defragmentation utility, it is very customizable and can be launched as screensaver.
XNView: imho, the best graphics file manager.
Freecommander: a very nice dual pane file manager
Flexible Renamer: a handy tool for change file names massively with plenty of options
Notepad++: great for edit text and configuration files.
Paragon Partition Manager: Not free but offenly is offered in the page for free. It is very usefull.
Teracopy: A replacement to the windows copy&move, with better statics and many options.
VisualSubst: a great tool for make virtual drives. Specially usefull when you want to have a folder assigned to a letter.
USBDLM: a tool that helps you to manage the removable drive letters assignements of usb device. By example, it can avoid you card reader use 5 or 6 letters, while they are not used.

… and for the childs inside you:

Traffic screensaver: multimonitor screensaver. Very nice and boring killer.
Neverputt: great golf game. Easy and ejoyable.

Hi Marce, I remember you from the “old days”.

That’s a great list of software you’ve posted. I used to have a few apps from the Portable Apps site you mentioned but my day job is totally different now so I don’t need those tools so much.


yes marc good to see ya

Here is another free loop collection:

PLP loops for anyone interested.


Awesome. They are called “urban” loops? Are they rap or whatever? I need a bunch of rap and hip hop loops.