So, what are you all working on

this weekend?


I have the pleasure of trying to get 5 and 6 year old kids (mine) to sing a bunch of holiday tunes for our family solstice/Christmas CD...all I can say is, take one is always, no matter what, a keeper... :)

I redid the midi networking in my studio so that I have full controll over all hardware synthesizers from the DAW. :cool: Now I’m trying out with a trance-type song called “you again”.

Elwood :blues: :blues:

Redoing one of my daughters room (paint…the whole 11 yards) – moving her desk that she no longer wants to my studio – redoing my monitoring in an effort to find the phantom distortion that I can hear sometimes (moving from a Sony 35 w/channel receiver to an Alesis RA-100) – college football (but I don’t yet know if anything worth watching is on) – and watching Ichiro and Mt. St. Helens.

Getting started on 1/4 of it will be a success.

Nada - I’m down & out with an infected throat.
Po po wittle me sob

Now would be a good time to do those Leslie West vocals… :)

Terry, I’ve also a terrible coat and and cold at the moment. And exactly this is what brought me into my studio again. Otherwise I would have so much to do… :O


Quote (phoo @ Oct. 02 2004,14:44)
Now would be a good time to do those Leslie West vocals.... :)

Heh - I can hardly croak :)
Just had a bowl of soup, my first meal since Thursday.

Po po wittle ol me :)

Finishing recording the drums on my friend Charlie Thomas’s (bass player in Broken Arrow) song called “Emergency”. I’ll post it when we finish it.

Also, during the same session I hope to re-record the drum tracks on our Neil Young demo with our new drummer. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

I setup in the living room when my wife & kids are at church & run all the cables up to a spare bedroom where my “studio” is. I’ll try to take some pics because it’s a site to see.

—Some of you are having more fun than I am, I’m painting the eaves of my mom’s house. Ladders, scraping, etc. The weather IS beautiful though…I guess things could be worse :p


Topic: So, what are you all working on, this weekend?I'm at work today, Saturday, so basically I'm not working on anything I'd really be interested in doing. :p
... actually, it's more like: :O :angry:

Welp, worked today gutting out an old house…
Church tomorrow morning as usual, and time permitting I’ll be workin’ on a piano ballad I wrote a few days ago. I haven’t played keys in a few years–kinda like my drumming…tehe… so this should be fun to say the least.
Thanks for askin’ Tom, I’ll let you all know how it turns out…probably Monday as my usual timetable permits.
Wow, a musician doing music stuff on his free time --what a stretch…tehe…
Hope you are all blessed with better health in the up coming days…
keep shinin’…(the boys got the shinin’ :p …tehe)


Quote (phoo @ Oct. 02 2004,14:13)
-- college football (but I don't yet know if anything worth watching is on) --

Well, there were some games worth watching - it's always worth it when Notre Dame loses, even better to the Boilermakes! :) It really looks like "quarterback U" these last few years, doesn't it? Og Purdue! And then there was that dull Michigan romp over some other team from Indiana...and the Badgers don't look too bad.

Hi Tom:
That’s a great subject… Human nature dictates that we work on what is the least productive, or what is easy… Or something like that… If we are disiplined, we work from a list… Well…

Anyway, I’m working on reading that Mastering Book I got this week… There’s lots to-do about audio in there… Trying to absorbe what’s in there… Now that’s another subject matter…


Yep, I can say that I did the least productive things this weekend. Kids got colds, no singing there. So I cleaned the basement. What a mess! And put on stuff I’d recorded starting in 1980 or so, up to the last few years. You know what happens when you listen to old stuff you’ve done. Other work moves very slowly… :)

Yeah every now and then I’ll resurect one of those old dusty songs of my youth…how sentimental…:stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s how my debut piano ballads goin’…should be good for shits and giggles anyway…tehe
Thank You
And on that note I would like to thank all of you, (lurkers, readers, trolls and assclowns alike for helping me out; and encouraging me to try harder, you’ve all definitly raised the bar for me…tehe

keep shinin’ and GB.


good news. :) The song was finished today and now I’m enjoying it. :cool:


Hey, Jeremy, put it all through a Fender spring reverb and you’d have a very “Big Star’s Third” sound there. :)

Is that a plugin? Fender springy thingy?
I actually played the keyboard through a randall head into an ampeg stack and miced it with a condenser mic. --Didn’t like the sound of the keyboard direct into the mixer. :D
Glad I didn’t hurt anyones ears with the song at least! tehe…:laugh:
Hey elwood , let us know when your ready to share it with the rest of the class!..tehe


Nah, there ain’t no plug in for that, I mean, put the whole mix through a Fender amp like a twin with a srping reverb, and it will sound like something off of Alex Chilton’s band Big Star’s third album, “Sister Lovers.” :D

edit: now that you mention it I can tell that you mess around with the keyboard sound - I like that.