So what do you guys do if Flavioli takes a hike?

Hey…maybe Oracle will buy him out too! :D

hehe. flavioli. this is entertaining, but not.

If one of the big companies bought n-Track, I’d say: more power to Mr. Antoniloi. He deserves all the success imaginable for what he has done. :D

Actually I’d wager the Italian countryside is quite lovely this time of year.

If Flavio wished to enjoy an afternoon of brisk hiking, I would be all for that.

Then again, if Flavio wished to ban you from the forums, I’d gladly mail him 0.824505 Euros for his efforts.

I’d still have a great little application that fills all my needs.

even if Flavio had stopped at ver. 3.3, N would have still blown the doors off your Ford Dewey baby…now scram…I think your mama is calling…