So, where's the party at?  :)

Ali, if you are stopping in Baltimore/ Wash. DC, I’d be happy to meet up with you… let me know?


Quote (nergle @ Mar. 17 2005,18:42)
OK, problem. :(

I can't get the girlfriend and guitar both into the Fender case, so, as always, I let love be my guide.

So, It'll be just me and the Strat.

Ali OBVIOUSLY has his priorities straight! :D

Travel safe Ali-dude!


Kristi or MySpace has our schedule. However, I will fall over if you make to one of our gigs. I would say we are a bit out of your way. :)

You didn’t mention Houston, but here’s a schedule, just in case:

Quote (John @ Mar. 18 2005,13:38)
You didn't mention Houston.

Mmmmm, I want me some real brisket.

If you are anywhere near Michigan at some point, I’d be happy to drive whoever to hang for a while. :)

Are you getting up to the Seattle area?

Quote (nergle @ Mar. 23 2005,16:09)
You know what it's like mate, sometimes ya gotta make sacrifices. :D

Ali SHOULDA brought the Strat instead tsk...tsk.... :D :D


Quote (nergle @ Mar. 23 2005,17:42)
Bullshit engineering I call it. :D

We must be in the same line of work!! :D :D

I always say, "If you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with bullshit!

TG --BS Engineer

PS the confidentially agreement I signed means I can't even tell anyone how many volts are in a kilovolt, but...

Oh...oh! I know this one. That would be a 2.2 pound bag of volts!! :p :)

Um, nergle, Michigan is not a weird place. :)

Quote (nergle @ Mar. 30 2005,01:10)
I'm still sorry I wasn't able to meet any of you, but, perhaps next time? :)


I'd rather visit Scotland if its all the same to you Ali-dude. Someday......someday......

Have a safe trip home!


Wow Ali, I just read your post. It seems we were both traveling the east coast at the same time. I live in the Philadelphia area, but was traveling the lower mid-atlantic coast for about a week during your stay. I would have loved to done a little jamming and drinking with you.

By the way, you need not bring an axe next time. I have enough guitars for you to pick your favorite. :)

Sorry I missed you.