soft synth

Hey all,
So ive been getting into the midi stuff a little through fruity,and was wondering if you guys and gals new of any free good synths
i perfer them in dxi but vsti is ok
Thanx Litmus

You’ll find plenty to keep you busy here:

Fully searchable by insrument type. You can even just get a list of all the free ones.

Ok this lite looks great,but i dont see any thing that i can download it all looks like links to buy ,but i have been known to be a few beers shy of a six pack so maby it right in front of me. i want mess around with some synths befor i bother buying anything.

Thanx guys, Litmus

Ok im stupid i found it,Thank you so much, this will keep me busy


If you give folks a clue what kinds of sounds you want, we might have some suggestions. Moog-like? Virtual Analog master synth? FM? Pads? Organ or Rhodes?