Having problems

Hello all,

I,m New to the forum,and to N-track.I have a Pc with a 2.4 Ghz proccessor,1 gig of ram,and (2)Two 120 gig hardrives,and a “Focusrite Saffire” interface.(I used a Roland Vs-1680 workstation,which I still have,Before Getting N-track).
Sofar,everything has been going ok,as far as Recording sound,through my focusrite,but I,ve been Having trouble getting My softsynths,to work. Its probley “Operator error”,on my part.
If someone Out there Could Help me out,getting them Running right,I would be thankfull.mabey if someone could just explain the Proccess,of setting them up,that would get me going…thank you…

It might be easier if you tell us which soft synths you are trying to use and also what steps you take in trying to use them…

Most soft synths should be a simple case of loading the VSTi or DXi and then routing your midi signal to them… but depending on which on eyou are using there may be some particular things you need to do…

Are you trying to use them real time (ie. to record a live midi signal) or when mixing (sending a midi track to them)?



I,m trying to Use Crystal(green oak software),Rhino 2.03(Big tick),Triangle2(Rgc:audio software).
You,re Discription of how to Use them,is what i tried.I,m also using a Roland Xp-30 synth,as a Controller,through the focusrite saffire midi ports.(Could it be something as simple,as Having the Wrong midi channel…). i,m trying to use them in “real time”. I,m trying to lay down a Synth sound Bed,for a New song idea.
thanks in advance for any help…kvm

OK… sothe basic steps you need to do are:
1. make new blank midi track
2. add the VSTi
3. Route the midi track to teh VSTi
4. Arm the midi track to record from the midi input you have your XP-30 plugged into
5. Press the LIVE button
6. Set n-Track to record MIDI
7. Start recording and playing

At which stage does it seem to have a problem?

[note all the above steps are just from memory as I’m at work… so think I got all of them in there…]



I’ll give you,re suggestion a try,and see if it works.

Thanks for the help…kvm :D