Solo/Mute not working on midi tracks

V4 bug?

I’m laying down some ideas today and noticed that the solo and mute buttons in both the timeline and the mixer windows have no effect on midi tracks.

ie. click mute and you can still hear the midi track
click solo and you can still hear all the other tracks.
solo and mute on audio tracks works ok though.

Havn’t noticed this before… was definitely working ok in v3.3
I think I’ve used them in earlier versions of 4.0
I was using build 1779 and just downloaded 1781 and still same problems…

anyone else getting this problem?


It’s working fine for me in 1781. I hadn’t used them on MIDI tracks in a few weeks though.

That’s a bit odd. I can’t imagine anything NOT in the app itself causing it though. I can’t imagine it being a config problem for example. It COULD be a some kind of corruption in the song file…maybe. The songs I’m using were all saved with much earlier builds.

Well it’s working now…

weird cause I thought installing the latest build (and the restarting of the app) would have fixed any hung stuff. But had the same problems in build 1781.

After doing some stuff in cool edit and then starting build 1781 again (haven’t rebooted all afternoon) it’s working…

Another one of those gremlins…