solo time once again,,,

need your thoughts,

well its solo time once more,drummer is in the klink and the bass player would rather ski all winter,that leaves ole whats his name to fend for himself,I havent solo gigged in over 5 years,last time I did I used midi file backing,some sounded good,others terrible.what im wondering is what is the way to go?do i get a software synth,or do I go with soundfonts,or somthin else?
anyone that has knowledge of these things? I would appreciate your input,thanks in advance

Just stomp your foot. :agree:


here are a couple of links
first is for a midi player that lets you create songlists.

here is one aimed at collaboration, but you may find it useful
(and it’s free) has an auto drum player. Haven’t tried it yet
but I’m D/L’ing now

And I believe there is a demo version of Sonar (Cakewalk) that
some say is suitable for live stuff.

Also poke around this site (under software) for some ideas…oration

Lots of guys use Band-In-A-Box for gigging solo…

I wuv’s my BIAB… :love:


I’ll second Band-in-a-Box being a great program. I’m not sure what comes with it now as far as sounds, so you might consider a sampler to go with it.

For pratice I just mix everything but the guitar and vocal. You could burn your sets. But I guess that would be a lot of mixing. And or recording. Never mind.
Where are y’all doin gig’s with band in the box? Clubs? Parties? TV Shows?:laugh:
We (long gone band) did a TV show at 8am one time. ughh that’s a rude time to sing in a higher octave! No band in the box, just a bunch of grumpy, hungry hippies.
Good luck! Remember to get plenty of sleep. You’ve got to please 2/3 more groupies now! :laugh:

Playing solo is a bugger. Others have commented upon the technical thingies available, but that’s only part of it.

If you’re a brilliant musician (which I personally am not), then there’s no problem, the audience will revel in your every note.

But, if you’re but a mortal like the rest of us, then you need a strategy; and that strategy is to make the best of your only available co-performers, i.e., the audience.

Get them listening, get them on your side, get them involved by singing along with you etc. Do that, and no matter how crap you play, you’ll have a great gig.


So, chat to them, address members of the audience by name if you know them, crack jokes, whatever! The point is, you make the whole gig out of you and the punters.

Perhaps it’s not performance art, but it works for me.