Something from a while back

A while back someone here posted some drum tracks from Ron Wikso they had bought but weren’t using for us to play around with. Sorry I don’t remember anymore who it was and the forum topic is no longer around. But I was going through my audio archives and found it again. I forgot I added a guitar track to the drums that I like :). So I played with it a bit more and added a bass track and here is what it turned into.

Lito’s Mix 2005-06-18

Opinions are welcome especially about the mix.

It sounds pretty good as far as the mix is concerned to me. The only thing that I’d change is maybe adding some more reverb and or delay to the guitar. I just think it’d be better if you could hear some echo after the parts where it goes da-dada-da-dadadadada. If that makes any sense at all. Its the chords you play in the very begining, but later on in the song separate a little bit more. To me, it sounds too dry.