Virtual Acoustic CCM


I did this a while ago, but revisited the sound quality recently and am happier with the mix, so I thought I would let someone else listen…

It’s one of my more honest songs, and won’t be to everyone’s taste, but there’s a place for that…

I used:
a clean guitar SF in SFZ through an old bodilizer beta version, then classic chorus, for the guitar;
4Front GSyn Bass Module;
mda piano;
Papelmedia Cello in SFZ.

I also used SH-1 Reverb, Ambience and Classic delay each in their own buss, and pushed the final mix through SlimSlowSlider LPGEQ_2 (I’d started this is v3, so used that, rather than v4 with the same plug badged!), then T-SLEDGE and finally TLs Maximizer.

So there we are, let me know what you think!


btw the space it’s hosted on can sometimes be a little slow, but it gets there in the end!

I like this song. Of course, I was a Devo fan in the 80s and it reminds me of that band.

I think the mix is very good. All of the instruments come through very clear. I also like it where the vocals stand out a bit from the instruments.

Definitely would not have thought of this as a Christian song except for the lyrics.

Nice job.

Keith :)

thx Keith!

Must confess, whilst I have heard of Devo, I have never actually heard anything by them! I might just look them out!

ta for listening

Like you said … not to my taste. But man that’s some nice recording you did there! The sound quality is excellent! The mix is top notch! Impressive.

Keep up the good work.


thx steale, especially since it’s not your cup of tea!

I had left the song for around 6 months after the first mix. Since then I have adopted some different techniques in processing the vox, etc, and just had a go at updating it more out of interest than anything else…!

The only actual ‘recording’ is my voice, the rest is piano-roll-yer-own and a judicious use of VSTis. I strongly recommend Ambience as a reverb, especially on vocals. I have been using the ‘Pady - Easy Vocals’ preset, and hardly had to tinker (apart from altering it to be 0%dry, 100%wet since it was on a buss). It eats CPU, but you can alter the setting for that, putting it to top quality for rendering. (see

thx again!

Sometimes your best work comes after you walk away from a piece for awhile. Someday I’ll upload “Where Are You Now”. I lost that song for 2 years and stumbled across it while recording something else. It’s really intense and prolly the best song I’ve ever written. Actually I’m working on it now. Maybe I will up load it and let everybody give their inputs.

Look for it.


Great job. Good mix, good sound, original and refreshing musical structure.

The drums sound too natural to be a drum machine but have drum machine precision. What are they??


thx IM! Actually they are programmed, I use Loopazoid as my drum sampler, and program as I play. I do play very solidly (a la Bill Bruford/ 70’s Phil Collins, etc but without the finesse!), and never program something I couldn’t play - I often spend a lot of time getting it as right as possible. If the backing is believable then the rest fits into place very easily!

thx again