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here’s a sample of a song i recorded today. i added some effects to the drums in the beginning. i recorded everything with a $10 karaoke microphone, with the exception of the bass (d.i.'ed with an Audiobuddy) into the mic in on my cruddy laptop, using the DEMO version of n track. not the greatest stuff, but take a listen anyway. i’m 15 years old. thanks.

Great first effort. Musically, very good.

Recording wise, you have some hum/buzz in your chain (unless you meant to have that!). It also appears you recorded at too high a level, digital distortion evident. When you record, make sure you have the recording vu meter displayed and make sure you never, ever exceed the top (it will turn red). This clipping produces some nasty sounds.

Keep it up.

I wish I had those musical ideas at 15!

You are on the right track. I like the fact that you panned the guitars and kept the bass and the drums in the center. Very basic, but it works. It gave your mix room.

I would encourage you to use some basic rules.

Always tune your instruments before recording anything. Your bass was out of tune.

Make sure that you check your levels so that you do not saturate your sound. Make sure that you stay close to, but not on the red zone.

Thanks for sharing your work!

Nice work; you might try a few fewer crash cymbals, maybe replace them with splash or chinese cymbals so they aren’t quite such a wash of sound - the constant crashes lose definition as the sound continues. But that is a pretty minor quibble, eh? I like the way you used the distorted voice for rhythm - I hope you won’t mind if I steal that idea sometime? :laugh:

til next;
Tony W

On third listen - never mind - the cymbal are fine…

:) :D :laugh: :p

'til next;
tony w