Songwriting 101

I like the way this gal thinks.

Robin Frederick

She will definitively have some tips. Wondering what she thinks of the Spreader?

I don’t know pops.
Get in the sandbox?
I didn’t care that much for the sandbox as a kid.
I wanted to drive actual trucks.
As apposed to ‘REALBAND’ trucks. Of which where actually driven by someone else

I do believe these guys are in the “sandbox”


Of which where actually driven by someone else

Obviously you may need to take on a bus driver gig where you drive and have passengers along for the ride. Might shed some light on the software you seem so down on.

What does "which where" mean anyway? or actually?

Now these guys are out of the sandbox! I like the effects on the bass untill it simulates 6 strings.
but wow that’s an amazing effect for sure!

Craig have you had any feedback from TAXI?

:laugh: Just teasin Tommy. You've become very sensitive Thomas, must be spring fever or cabin fever. In fact you slandered me in your song just because of a simple suggestion lol I'm sure it's fine software. U touchy!

(1:51) the bass player is the loser of the band

sing it, soul brother.

as for the doug wimbish vid, man. i love living colour, always have. how many bands can start with a world class bassist, and replace him right away with another when the first guy leaves? will calhoun is a master on the drums as well. kept that whole thing together, even though they are all top-notch musicians.

Nice resource there Tommy.

Most submissions to Taxi get a review, and tell you why it was accepted/rejected, so I’ve had such things as :

The Promise I Make : "Not compelling/distinctive enough"

Million And One : “Right on target for listing. But returned. Review as follows.

The airy opening creates a mood and tone that quickly becomes the determined rhythm that follows. That use of rhythmic set up continues through the track. The note patterns becomes chords to more fully secure the groove. Consider developing a musical hook outside of the rhythm to add further value.

Your songs have great rhythm firmly attached in their make-up, Craig. The tracks propel forward nicely. Consider adding a simple, memorable and repetitive note progressions that can come in and secure the role of musical hook to add further value to these tracks.”

I’m Gonna Make It:

“Some good potential riff come in that could, if developed further, secure the role of musical hook, Craig. The use of rhythms is again determined and consistent. Adding a musical hook could add great value and expand on the worth of the track.

Overall: Songs need further development to bring in a stronger use of musical hooks.”

The lack of a musical hook seems to be a consistent theme, which to be honest I’ve only just noticed…

Sound advice I reckon.


Living Colour - Times Up
“Love Rears It’s Ugly Head” Oh Yes!

who needs em, they don’t buy music no way, they just put it down.

“The Promise I Make” not compelling/distinctive enough ? ? ?




You can tell em I said so Craig.

hmmm - your stuff got assigned to the guy who likes “musical hooks” over substance and feel.
Try not to let it affect you negatively Craig. Remember TAXI is pretty much based on the old adage “Everyone’s a critic.” Reviews and critiques. Tough. I personally would not do any re-writes or re-recording I’d just plug whatever good I hear in the feedback into a new tune. But that’s just me.

Go listen to a lot of TomS stuff. Steal one of his musical hooks (he’s great at it, sometimes 2-3 in one song) and see what comes out. :agree:


Living Colour - Times Up :agree:
"Love Rears It's Ugly Head" Oh Yes!

solace of you = delicious

on that note, craig, check out 'solace of you' by living colour, if you can find it. it's a kind of faux-reggae, but with much more pop appeal. the point is, reid is just sliding a chord form up and down the guitar neck, but he makes sure each note is articulated. the top note in each chord thereby rings true and creates a counter melody (hook) to play with the vocal melody. the bass kind of mimics it, but is offset half a bar, and the drums are doing a busy reggae motor rhythm, laying off the snare pretty much entirely. band wise it's a bare bones sound and set-up but still gets an intricate-sounding arrangement. plus the lyrics are gorgeous.

i found it.

have fun

Hmph… I agree with Poppa.

It’s a sign of the times IMO. It seems there’s no middle ground. They either want the songs to be “hooky” to death or meander all over the place.

The wife was watching American Idiots last night and Paula Abdul performed a song of her upcoming new recording. It was repetitive and washed so full of vocoder and autotune effects I couldn’t stand to listen to it. I may just be old… but it sucked IMO.

Don’t let it get you down Craig. Keep at it. :agree:


Quote: (Diogesneez @ May 07 2009, 11:27 AM)

The wife was watching American Idiots last night and Paula Abdul performed a song of her upcoming new recording. It was repetitive and washed so full of vocoder and autotune effects I couldn't stand to listen to it. I may just be old... but it sucked IMO.


That ^ was the worst crap I've ever seen.

Uh, Slash was a little loud fer that rendition of School's Out, hehehehe

That’s interesting Craig. Do you get to resubmit it with corrections for further review or would that cost ya more money? Just think up a catchy little melody line in your head and add it with your guitar. Perice of cake, stick a hook on it!

Quote: (Yaz @ May 07 2009, 6:22 AM)

who needs em, they don't buy music no way, they just put it down.

:D Ya make an excellent point there Yazer!

Some great advice there guys!

I won’t be rewriting anything Poppa, I agree…take the advice and move on.

It certainly doesn’t get me down D. Especially after the comments I got on the football song!! :laugh: I had to grow THICK skin and FAST for that one!!! :laugh:

We ought to get TomS to post up his stuff again, after it all went missing mysteriously…

Levi, you have to pay again to resubmit! I’ll just write some more.

Cheers Yaz and JDET.