Sore Winners

or should I say whiners…

What is going on with the Republicans here? I see all sorts of posts “bashing Democrats” by the same people who just a short month ago who said that Democrat bashing was a liberal media conspiracy ploy. Folks, if your candidate won, try not to tell the other party why they lost or what they should have done or whatever. It is at very least in poor taste and yet again shows the depth of your morality. By the way, when are we gonna get to see your advanced morality anyway? Certainly not in these childish posts.

George Bush won, either fairly or not, and we must now stand behind him. If it is shown that there was inappropiate behavior by the Republican party to effect the election outcome, then those people should be brought to justice. Until that time, George Bush won.

The only thing I really worry about is that the one middle of the road conservative (Colin Powell) jumped ship. This is trouble as far as I’m concerned.

So stop the silly democrat bashing and smile quietly to yourself. And lets all pray that the world learns to like this new USA.


the bashing is going both ways. I don’t think any of us are taking it too seriously. At least I hope not. I’m enjoying the posting and the reading. I try to find the humor in it and then get my stabs in where I can. :)

Since I’m being honest here, I have alot of respect for the dems that are posting in here. I just disagree on some issues. Some of us do get carried away sometimes. Interestingly enough just as soon as someone makes an apparently belligerent statement, a joke comes of it. So I really don’t see any problem with the status quo on this section of the board.

Anyone else agree/disagree?