Sorry.  More MIDI trouble.

Too many tracks? huh?

I downloaded a midi song. It has only 4 midi tracks. I then tried 3 bass synths for one of the tracks. I noticed nTrack would stop very early into the song, and I couldn’t figure out why. Pleas note I am not adding effects in series. I merely tried each one out separately. Then a dialog pops up stating,

"n-Track has detected that the computer can’t currently handle the current number of track and effects. The playback has been halted."

Then it gives suggestions.

I’m struggling. I have 3gig of ram, and a 2.4ghz Intel Centrino. I’m using Microsoft’s WaveSynth, but should have plenty of resources to perform this small task without any difficulties.

I can’t imagine how I could be overloading the system with just 4 tracks.

Any ideas?

increase your recording buffers

I cranked them up to over 12k. This is not that stable as of now. It has crashed when I send a bass line from a midi channel to a vst. I know it could be the VST since - afterall - they are free, and one can’t expect that kind of reliability with software that doesn’t have the test time put in.

I’m not having much luck. So far, I have crashed nTrack 5 times on my computer today. I really hope I can get past these crashes somehow soon. It is not giving me a good first impression as far as reliability goes.

However, I’m a software engineer myself and understand how difficult it is to develop for a moving target ( PC platform ), but my patience is getting the best of me.


are reports being sent?

What nTrack build are you using?
If it’s the new 2462 released Thirsday 3/26, I found it to be a sloth.
Really slow and not like a normal running nTrack.
There is a newer version 2463 available now but I haven’t tried it.
If all your issues are with b 2462 I would remove using windows remove tool.
Then install a different build 2461 has been pretty good.
Sorry about that I personally don’t do that much midi so I’m really not the one to offer to much advice regarding your problems.
But don’t worry you’ll get plenty of help.
It does get a little slow around here on the weekends.

I tried my beta test midi file in 63 and had more problems with EZdrummer clips than usual - size changes when draging and the tempo / sizing is off again… no joy yet.

I downloaded the latest version and it certainly loads faster.

Hmmm…free VST? I’m going to have to investigate just how much control VST developers have with controlling the underlying drivers?

I’d also like to understand the resource allocation rules between host and VST.

Here is my laptop’s specs. The hard drive speed is pending.
Sony VAIO VGN-CR520E/R 14.1-inch Laptop (2.1 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 Processor, 3 GB RAM, 320 GB Hard Drive, Vista Premium)

I’m sure I’ll get this nailed down. I understand the PC is a moving target and their are manifold configurations to test on.

You should not be having any VST problems. Maybe some VSTi problems with n-Track but I find it’s compatible with most VST plug ins.

I tried 2463 with a clean install and it is better than 2462.
But like Pop I had trouble adding midi drum clips but from Addictive Drums.

dea you have to realize you jumped into the beta testing versions.