Sound Blaster Audigy 2?

not sure…

so i just got a new Dell. it’s maxed out, top of the line.
the soundcard is a Sound Blaster Audigy™2 ZS (D) Card. I’m sure this wil be great for games… but what about n-Track?

i’ve been using a Soundblaster Pro right now… and its been fine. so im thinking ill be ok with the Audigy.

Any thoughts?

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It will be fine with the Audigy2.

One thing to know is that your Audigy2 is a Dell OEM card and it may not support everything Creative says it does. I got one in my machine at work and it has no external MIDI support at all. It will play MIDI to it’s on-board hardware synths and any softsynth, but there is no MIDI IO ports in hardware on it and nowhere to hook a breakout box either, except the one from Dell and that doesn’t have MIDI ports on it. I had to switch out the OEM card with a full retail version to add that functionality (needed it for the day job). Dell doesn’t say anything about this except that “functionality may differ from the full retail version.” Don’t let this deter you though. It’s a great sounding card. This won’t be an issue at all unless you plan on recording MIDI from an attached keyboard or play to it. Of course, your card may differ since Dell might have added that back by now.


I too use an Audigy2. My solution for the Midi problem was to buy a M-Audio external Midi plugin. My keyboard is really ancient and only has the old USB jack on it.

Am I making sense?

I have an Audigy NS (the USB soundcard). It doesn’t even have a break out box as far as I know (well, it IS a breakout box) and it has no midi plugs as it is like less than an inch thick. I just got me a little 1x1 USB MIDI device. It was cheap (like 30-40 bucks) and came with cakewalk express. That made it worth it for me. But as for sound, yeah you can get decent sound and functionality out of it for sure.